List Of Reasons For Payment Errors

1.The payment password is entered incorrectly

2.Online payment is not activated 

If it is the first time to swipe the card and then fails, it may be that the online payment function is not activated and the payment failed.

3. Network issues 

When the card was used for payment, due to the unstable network, the system did not receive the payment application in time, or the payment application was submitted multiple times due to the above-mentioned reasons and then repeatedly refreshed the page, which finally caused the payment to fail.

4.Insufficient balance

The payment for a single purchase exceeds the credit card or PayPal balance.

5.IP or address

Use the same IP multiple times for payment in a short period of time, or pay at a high-risk address determined by the system.

6.The credit card has bad records

The credit card used by the consumer has other bad transaction records, such as refusing to pay, and the system will also refuse to deduct the payment, causing the payment to fail.